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​We are the only RS TAICHI dealer in the state. The apparel is simply second to none. Come in today to try their gear out. Click the logo for more details.

We are the exclusive Dealer in AZ! The All New SR Sport is a testament to Suomy’s commitment to
excellence and innovation. As well as producing the hottest graphics in the industry,Suomy is a true innovator of new standards and safety!
Because Suomy is never satisfied, they have developed the revolutionary Carbon Kevlar,Aramidic resin composite material called Tricarboco. Helmets constructed with Tricarbocoare the most durable, lightweight shells available and have now set the standard for premium helmets.

Known the world over for the quality and performance of its motorcycle brakes, Brembo produces a wide range of OEM and competition motorcycle brake equipment and parts. Imported from northern Italy

If you're looking for a unique motorcycle Track Day experience, we've got the location and experience to ensure you enjoy your track time in the DESERT!! There is no better way to get familiar with your machine - than a track day with D.R.R.O.! 

​DRROTrackdays.com - Check us OUT!

​Desmo Veloce is developing and fabricating high performance parts available to MV/Ducati dealers, MV/Ducati race teams, and MV/Ducati enthusiasts that expect the best performance for their customers, racers, and performance aficionados. With an in-house CNC machine and hand-made bodywork, all of Desmo Veloce’s parts are designed and created in Chandler Arizona.

The dynamic relationship between rider and road is managed solely by a motorcycle’s suspension. Because of that, the feel, the feedback, and the fun of riding all depend on the quality of the suspension. Our highly trained technicians at Öhlins USA are here to assist you in personalizing your machine to your needs.

​Rizoma offers world class parts that FIT! They spare no expense in creating what is known as one of the best parts you can add to your machine. Select the logo for more details on what is available for your motorcycle

“X-Series”― SHOEI’s full face helmet for Racing developed through World’s Top Road Races including MotoGP.
All of shell, shield, interiors and aero device are renewed by realizing safety in high level and utilizing most advanced know-how obtained from race support in top category. “REAL RACING SPEC” is truly brought into shape, X-Fourteen, the full face helmet to win races.